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Trash The Dress

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Two Brides and Two Dresses – Trash The Dress Cenote

The two shy and sweet brides came along with us to a Jungle Cenote to photograph and film some wonderful moments both above the water and below. It is very difficult to swim and take photos underwater but with a dress on I can't imagine. The both has a lot of patience while we got [...]

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Mayan Riviera Cenote Trash The Dress Adventure

 What a great way to start the adventure in life together by leaving your comfort zone and taking a jump off the cliff, literally. This brave couple joined us for the jump in to the cent along the Mayan Riviera coastline and what a wonderful afternoon we all had swimming taking photos and lots of [...]

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Underwater Professional Photos in Cancun for Trash The Dress

We have a one of a kind feature in the Mayan Riviera located south of Cancun along the underground river there a many openings to the underwater fresh water system that follows the coastline. These Cenotes are magical places that are a must see for vacationers and for us it is must do after your [...]

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Photographer to work with in my Wedding Dress in Cancun

We can work with you in your dress or help you find a dress to rent here in Cancun if you don't want to bring one along with you, just please give us an email and let us know with lots of notice so we can put you in touch with whoever you might need [...]

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Trash The Dress in Cancun and Playa del Carmen Mexico

Trash the Dress is the way we describe going for a swim in your wedding outfit after your wedding. It is a fun way to get some very unique photos to hang on the walls of your home. We don't really trash anything if any thing we kind of wash the dress ! Please have [...]