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Civil Ceremony in Mexico

What are the requirements for a civil ceremony in Mexico

The requirements for a civil ceremony between non nationals are:
– Each person must hold a valid Passport
– Tourist card (issued upon entering the country)
– 4 witnesses, 2 per person (each will need a passport or drivers license and tourist card)
– Medical Statement dated within 15 days of the ceremony translated into Spanish by a certified translator that can be either:
*A letter from your family doctor stating the results of Blood Type, HIV and Syphilis
*Blood test showing the results of Blood Type, HIV, and Syphilis

Can I have a doctor perform the blood test in my country and take the results to the resort?

No. Blood tests must be taken in Mexico 3 to 4 business days prior to the civil ceremony.

Will our marriage certificate be issued in English or Spanish?

The Marriage Certificate is issued in Spanish. You must register the marriage certificate with your nearest court. Contact your local courthouse for more information.

Is the wedding ceremony in Mexico valid in my country ?

A civil marriage is the only ceremony recognized by Mexico and other countries. Your marriage certificate, given to you directly after the ceremony, is your official documentation. Some countries require the wedding certificate legalized, it is also important that you check what are the specific requirements in the country you live.

Can I have a Catholic Ceremony at the Beach ?

No, the Catholic Religion only allows marriages to be performed in a Church as it is considered a sacrament.

How many copies of our birth certificates do you need?

You must have one original with apostille and translation by an official translator. (check with your wedding coordinator).

Can I get married in Mexico if I have been divorced?

Yes, you must provide copies of your divorce when turning in your Notice of Intended Marriage.

Can I get married in a church?

Yes, although if you have been divorced most churches will not marry you without prior counseling by the church officials.

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