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Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta Beach Wedding Photographer

Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta Beach Wedding Photographer

Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta Beach Wedding Photographer

Location – Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Photography : Derek & Fernando

We love to travel and work with groups large or small. We could have never asked to work with a nicer group than this one. It was our first time at Las Caletas, and what a paradise these two travelling lovers had selected to share a weekend with family and friends. The girls and I started on the island enjoying a day at the beach and the spa getting ready. Once the guests arrived we hurried the sunset wedding along to have a few photos before it got too dark. Then began what this group is legendary for – to dance the night away and party !

The night had it all from an international DJ to the lanterns and sparklers. The boat ride home to the mainland with everyone aboard was almost a perfect way to end the night. All the ones who still had energy (many!) headed off to Mandala Nightclub to dance till the sun came up. Of course not before a stop at the taco stand for an impromptu photo shoot and a bicycle taxi home! What a group. Be to sure to see the last photos to see the day after session we had in the Malecon and the streets of Puerto Vallarta the next day!

From what the Groom had to say: “After researching many vendors and checking references, we decided to hire Derek from photosincancun to handle the photography for our wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Leading up to the wedding, we were very comfortable working with Derek. He was very responsive via email and phone and answered all of our questions and put us at ease with the process as well as what to expect come our big day. We decided on two photographers to capture both the bridesmaids and groomsmen pre-wedding. Good choice. Derek and Fernando spent the entire day with us starting at 8 AM and were both were very comfortable to have around while getting ready for our special day. When it came time for the ceremony, Derek took charge and ensured we got all of the shots requested. He worked quickly and with quality. On their own, the photographers also decided to come along to the after party and continued to take pictures into the wee hours of the morning! Talk about a full days work! We also did a “day after” shoot. It was so much fun to finally relax and Derek and Fernando both got so many creative shots. The day after pictures are some of our favorites. We enjoyed working with Derek and would recommend his services especially for wedding groups. It was obvious he was experienced and handled various guests and the parents of the bride/groom with ease. We also appreciated that our package included all of the 3,000+ pictures snapped and further that Derek agreed to touch-up the pictures we selected for our wedding album. Pictures last forever and we couldn’t be more happy with our pictures and the memories they will create for us for years to come. Thank you Derek and Fernando!”

Enjoy the photos !

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