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Mayan Riviera Wedding Video + Photo Packages

Mayan Riviera Wedding Video + Photo Packages

Mayan Riviera Wedding Video + Photo Packages

Photography + Videography – Photos In Cancun

They were married at the gorgeous Now Jade Resort.  They held their ceremony at the Pergola and it was absolutely…perfect.  Their reception was held in the Bamboo Room, and this large group from NYC gathered in Puerto Morelos Mexico for a wedding to remember. The love these high school sweethearts share is infectious.  The love that was in the air was incredible and Lorena and I were so lucky to be a part of it. Here is to another 50 years looking back you two. The video was a perfect way to capture the vibe – be sure to have a look.

Here is what the bride left for us as a review “Derek, Lorena & Team,

John and I are so grateful for having your team document our wedding day at Now Jade! You guys are top notch professionals and we’re so happy to have had Photos in Cancun shoot our wedding photos and handle the videography. Every time that John and I look at the photos and wedding video, all the wonderful memories of our wedding day flood back and we’re so thankful to your team for capturing those moments. You guys were the best addition to our wedding day… our guests loved you, you made us feel super relaxed and covered every little detail. Hiring your team was the best decision that we made and above everything, the greatest thing that we came away with was an amazing pair of new friends — Derek and Lorena!

Thanks again for all the memories and for the Cenote adventure before we left Cancun! The TTD session was an AMAZING experience and we love your creativity.

To all prospective clients — HIRE Photos in Cancun! Hands down the best decision you’ll make for your wedding! If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me via BDW. I will happily share more information about my experience with Derek & Lorena.”

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