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More Mexican Models! Zugey Pina

Mexican Model Zugey Pina

My apologies for not blogging more often, but we have been a very busy team in recent weeks. We took Zugey out to get some new photos for her modelling portfolio, and did we ever luck out. The weather was overcast so we were confused of a location to use that had the magic hour of sun still to poke out from the mountains that surrounded us. Sometimes luck falls in front of you, We turned up a street to avoid a traffic jam, and there it was…. An old abandoned house with a toilet at the front door. Kind of locations that would take a week to set up happened to fall in our lap. Best part was when we went to go jump the fence to get inside what seems like a gatekeeper appeared and open the chains for us to come inside. The photos are below along with some others from the day.

Zugey Pina

Candid Moment


broken down house and model

What a location.

Mexico City at night with model


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