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Diallo Mitchel – St.Vincent – Model- Portfolio

Diallo Mitchel Model Portfolio

Mexico City’s population is nearly the size of Canada. This mountain plateau is full of wonderful places and people. I have been very busy while in town, and I have had a great team working with me. One particular day was with a New Model in Mexico who is from the island of St. Vincent, Diallo Mitchel. We set out to get some head shots and basic portfolio work to start a book for him. He just booked and finished shooting a national commercial for Universidad del Valle de Mexico. I am sure Diallo is well on his way to becoming a new face in Lain America and onwards.

I have a hard time with the word Luck. There are some reasoning problems in common beliefs of being lucky, Luck is interpreted and understood in many different ways. I personally believe in Chance and probability, Allow to me to explain…..
If you go outside of a stadium with a big camera, assistant and model there is a chance a security guard might ask you to tip him to allow you to go inside and have the place to yourself. There is a probability that if you empty out your pockets and show him you only have 30 pesos .or. $2.70 Canadian in your pockets. He may allow you to go inside and have the place to yourself.


Here are a few from the day:

Mexico Bull Fighting Stadium30 Pesos !!

All to myself for 30 pesos

St. Vincent Model Diallo MitchelDiallo Mitchel

Lean Back

Model on Red StairsThe Red Staircase

Rojo Caliente

All to ourselvesPlaza De Toro La Mexico D.F.

Alone in the Stadium

I hope you enjoyed a few from the day, Please Leave a comment or send a message if you have any questions.

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