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Same Sex Wedding Rosewood Mayakoba

Same Sex Wedding Rosewood Mayakoba

Location – Rosewood Mayakoba Rivera Maya Mexico

Photography – Photos In Cancun

Other Vendors – Music by : Arpason, Planner 1 Events

This wedding was such a joy to be a part of.  The first time we met with the grooms was months before the wedding to discuss their vision of the wedding day and what they like and do not like in photos.  We had a great feeling after working with these two very kind gentlemen.  We had made new friends.  The Engagement session was short and sweet and we promised to be in touch! Following a few conversations once we were all back home we decided that we would get together once again with family and friends for the big wedding day.  Arianna from the Rosewood Mayakoba was always easy to get in touch with.  She, along with her team, put together one of the most beautiful weddings we have been lucky enough to be a part of.  We hope you can feel the love from all who attended through the photos.

Enjoy !

©www.photosincancun.com Rosewood Mayakoba_15 ©www.photosincancun.com Rosewood Mayakoba_18 ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com Rosewood Mayakoba_19 ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com Rosewood Mayakoba_16 ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com ©www.photosincancun.com
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