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Dawn Robinson | Cancun Celebrity Photos | Photos In Cancun

Le Blanc Spa and Hotel Cancun

Talent | Dawn Robinson

Photographers | Derek Campbell & Lorena JaimesPhotos In Cancun

Location | Le Blanc Spa and Hotel Cancun, Mexico

We have many favorite photographers but one that we look up to and follow not only beacuase we love their work but because they are also our competitiors. Matt & Sol who form Del Sol Photography. We were surprised when we recieved an email from a client interested in our services and had our information passed to them from Melissa from the studio. What a fantastic surprise ! After a few emails with the clients assistant , We had a booking with a Grammy Award nominated Artist at a local hotel and good things to follow from there !

We couldn’t have been more thrilled, having a passion for all things art we are thrilled to work with an international talent. We went in with a rough idea of what we wanted to produce and although the weather didn’t cooperate with us, for the days she was staying here we managed to get some great shots ! It was a fun to meet such a down to earth level minded girl who I have always sung along too.

Please enjoy our celebrity portrait session with En Vouge’s, and also Lucy Pearl’s one and only | Dawn Robinson


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